Friday, June 5, 2009

A Proud Mommy Moment!

When we first started T ball last year I was very hesitant about Ryan. Not of his skill, because you know he's been practicing, but because of his size. Well, the first day last year, we met up with our team, and the first thing that someone says, "He is too little, he must not be on our team. He can't hit!" I think I was more devastated then Ryan was. I still remember the look on his face at that moment. Then I also remember the look on his team mates faces when he NAILED the first pitch right out into the field (in fact almost hitting the coach who was pitching). That was my proud Mommy moment last year.
Last night, Ryan did it again, proved to me that he is a wonderful little man with a lot drive. He is growing so fast! Ryan was SO concentrated last night. The first ball out into the field last night, Ry was on it, grabbed it and threw it to first base (just like Daddy taught him). Then he was up at bat, hit one with a lot of force out into the field. The next at bat I could see him getting a little discouraged as pitch after pitch they all got by him. I could see the determination in his eyes, but he just couldn't connect with the ball. Finally..the last pitch before having to get the T out..Ryan James NAILED the ball right *out of the park!* (Ok, ok, not really out of the park, but close!) :)
I just was SO proud of him. I thought it may deserve a little blog about it since last blog was all about Lil. Only one game left! I can't wait to see how he does!!

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