Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Village

So because we missed a lot of Christmas celebrations last year, due to the power outages, we have broken into the Christmas decorations early this year. Everything is officially up except the tree. The most exciting part to go up for the kids, was the village. Ryan gets to pick one little piece to add to it every year and Lillians face when she saw it is just amazing. We are all too excited to get our Christmas trees up soon!! I am pretty sure the kids will have theirs up by next weekend..but our big one will have to wait!

Is there such a thing??

As snuggling too much? I think Lilly sometimes thinks so. Ryan James just loves his sister so much, but sometimes it proves to be too much. How did I get so lucky to have such wonderful kids?

These boots are made for walking..

Lillian is a girlie girl. She carries a pocket book, she dresses up, she wears fairy wings to birthday parties..and above all..she LOVES shoes. These are Lil's new boots we just got. When I pulled them out of the bag, her face lit up like she was about to get a big lollipop. Her smile went from ear to ear, and didn't disappear until the boots came off. We just needed to post them so you could all see her new favorite pair of shoes!

It's Tubby Time!

Ok, so I am posting this for right now, until I can find the other picture that I am looking for. I am hoping it is on my other computer. I will finish the post when I can..but for now, enjoy the picture of Lillian in the tubby!! ♥

Just like Nanny..

When Grampy's house was cleaned out recently we all wanted to have something to remember Nanny and Grampy by. I decided to take a very small, goldish color carousel horse music box for Lillian, so that she would have a piece. This is something that I always remembered about Nanny. She loved the carousel and never passed up a chance to get on one. I can picture her little legs kicking out to the sides as she went up and down on the horses. (All too vivid from our Disney World video.) Well, Lil loved listening to that music box every time she was on her changing table. So when no one claimed this carousel (in the picture) I scooped it up for her. We have not yet found the perfect spot for it, so for right now it sits on her toy box in her bedroom. Lillian just adores it! She would play with it for hours if you let her. I have a hard time letting her really PLAY with it though, because this was always the one piece that we could not touch and play with. Eventually we will find the perfect spot for it, and eventually Lillian will learn where the beautiful carousel came from..


As most of you know, Grampy Butler is not doing well. This is the last time I have seen Gramp. He was in a silly mood this day. Trying to fix Ryans faux tie on his shirt. Now a days he is spending his days at the Elliot Hospital. He is not doing wonderfully, but he's holding up. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Two Beautiful Brides!

October...ahhh..October...A gorgeous month to get married! We had two weddings in October this year. And the were both just beautiful, and perfect for each bride. The first was my friend Julias wedding. She is a friend that I went to high school with, but didn't really know in high school. She is now a wonderful friend. And her wedding was just perfect!

The next wedding that we attended was my good friend Mandy. Mandy was introduced to me a couple years ago and quickly became a fabulous friend! She had a big, beautiful wedding! Again, her wedding was just perfect!!

Pumpkin Carving

Ok, I know this is a little out of order..but here it is..our first pumpkin carving of the season. We had the town pumpkin lighting on a Friday night before Halloween. Well, we hadn't even carved our pumpkin yet!! So quickly we carved out the face, Lilly played in the pumpkin "guts" and Ry mostly just liked the finished product. At the Pumpkin Lighting we got Ryans first face painting, a pumpkin on his cheek. He loved it! Lots of fun!


As most of you all know, Dan is pretty great at cooking.
Well, he is always trying to help the kids learn about cooking. Every Friday night, Ryan gets to choose what they will make for dinner. The all time favorite it Dans special corn dog reciepe. But a lot of times, they just make pizzas. Although Ry is a pro now, this was Lillys first time making her own pizza. She didn't really fully understand the concept of making it, then waiting for it to cook. She was pretty upset for a while, but the end result...Yummy Pizza!

Fall Fun

Unlike Ryan at this age, Lillian LOVES the tractor. The first thing she does when she sees the garage door open is run over and climb up into the big yellow seat. So when Daddy actually takes the tractor out..OH BOY! Now a days, Ryan loves the tractor. But they each have their seats. Lil sits with Daddy on the seat, and Ry likes to sit in the trailer behind Daddy and Lillian. Well recently, Lilly decided she wanted to join Ry in the trailer. They had a BALL! Ryan loved holding up Lil, and feeling like a helpful big brother. And with every bump Lil's smile got bigger and bigger. We will all be sad to put the tractor away for the season.

Halloween 2009

I am Back! Trying to catch up on the blog. I have been slacking, since the start of school I guess. We have all been super busy, and the blog has been suffering. Ok, so here it goes, trying to catch up. Halloween. Was GREAT! Ryan is now at the age that he LOVED it, and we were able to do more houses. And Lil? Well she got the hang of it pretty quickly, once she realized that people were giving out candy. We eventually got the wagon and pulled them along, made it much faster. As you can see by the pictures, Ryan was a Transformer (Bumblebee in fact) and Lillian was a kitty cat. Lil even learned what a kitty says. A great Halloween!!