Friday, December 26, 2008

The many faces of Lillian!


What a great Christmas we all had here in the Freeman household!! It all started out Christmas Eve. We all went to Nannys house and had a lovely dinner and opened gifts. Then Christmas morning we woke to find that we did not have power. Dan quickly hooked up the generator and we were back in business. All bundled up we opened our gifts, Ryan absolutely loved his race track from Santa and Lillian loves her little pink singing car. Lilly Bean loves to open presents, and Ryan was very happy with all his Santa gifts. Ryan has already started thinking about what will go on his list next year. And I am just exhausted from setting up all the big toys that we never set up yesterday.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 9 Begins...

As day nine with no power begins Ryan and I wanted to show off our Gingerbread house that we made last night. Since there is no one here to show it to we thought we would post it on here. This was our attempt to get excited for Christmas that is now 5 days away. It is hard to be excited though when you can't be with your family. Ryan has decided he "just wants to go home!" and Lilly has about had it sleeping in her little portacrib.

Again we called Unitil this morning, and once again we got the answer.."we are working on the problem and you should be up and running by tonight." This is the answer that we have been getting since Tuesday. It is very frustrating, and even more frustrating that we can't be home to set up our Christmas tree, or enjoy the Christmas lights, or to even get our Christmas shopping done!!

So here is our Gingerbread House, our mini Christmas tree that Ry just HAD to have and a couple of other randoms.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Time spent at the beach house

Here we sit at Hampton Beach. Thank goodness Moms condo was not rented so that we could take up house here. Just talked to Dan, he is getting over the stomach flu. He also said that he has not seen a Unitil truck in the area AT ALL so that he has no idea when we will be able to come home. It has snowed quite a bit today now and that just gives me less hope that we will make it home in time to get a Christmas tree. At this point we are all so discouraged, and going stir crazy. They say there will be a snow storm on Friday, and another on Sunday. It does not feel Christmasy here, with no Christmas tree, or Christmas lights. So here are some pics of us going crazy here at the beach house..we are off to the store to get some more food.

Ry and Lil had a clothes fight...with the CLEAN clothes...

Godzilla Lillian wrecked our Memory game..

Lilly even has a new found love for her wipes..

Our week

Our craziness began Friday morning. Once we realized the power was not going to be a quick fix I took the kids and headed to Methuen to hang out with Kerry and her family for the afternoon. She was the only one that I knew that had power up here. Once there I realized that her whole family would be staying there, so I called my inlaws to see if they would mind if the kids and I came down for the weekend. I quickly packed up in the dark and rushed down there. The kids had a great time down there, playing and hanging out with all the relatives.

We left Memas house on Sunday night and travelled to Nannys house to spend one night. That is when the fun began!! Lilly ended up getting sick. I thought it was because we had been in the car for so long but turns out it was the begining of the stomach flu! Ryan had the flu all day/night on Monday, followed by Lilly getting it again on Tuesday. So here we sit, trying to entertain ourselves at the beach house. No end in sight as far as the power is concerned.

And so it begins...

Thursday night NH had an AWFUL ice storm. After spending
all night listening to the trees and ice falling this is what we awoke to. Our pine tree was all in the middle of the road, this picture is after the scoop truck came and pushed it over to the side.

Needless to say, as I sit and write this, as most of you know, my
house and neighborhood is still without power!! It has been six days now, with no known relief in sight.

The kids and I have all moved into the beach house, as Dan stays home to battle the cold. Luckily we do have a generator, so he has been doing pretty good there, but we miss him terribly!!

We miss you Daddy!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Its Christmas Time!!

Christmas must be getting close!! The kids both have their Christmas trees in their rooms. We decided to take some pics of them together
with their trees, showing them off!! Lillians
favorite ornament seems to be her big
pink ball and Ryans is the singing car with
Santa in it!!
Merry Christmas to all!!

Standing, Standing Everywhere!!

Lillian has hit the 8 month mark, and she is working so hard at standing, and walking. She is standing up on everything now, and is getting to be a pro!! Those little legs are so strong! Although she is not crawling yet, she does get around pretty quickly by "scooching" as we call it. I don't think she will crawl..I think she is just focusing on walking!! She is also getting her top front tooth in!! She is just growing so fast!!

Its a Boy!!

Shauna and Pat Manthorn (also known as Shauna Cate to some) gave birth to their BEAUTIFUL baby boy on Monday December 8th. They took him c section at 10:06pm. He has a beautiful full head of bleach blonde hair and is happy and healthy. Mom Dad and Baby are all doing great!! What a wonderful Christmas gift!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

The blogging begins!

I decided that since we have so many family members that live so far away this may be a good way to keep everyone updated with events in our lives, and of course pictures!! So keep checking in, I will post as I can, and post pictures often. Enjoy!!