Monday, June 29, 2009

Another visit with Grampy..

On Saturday Lillian and I went for a visit with Great Grampy.
She was THRILLED to be able to play with the village all by herself! She could put the cars anywhere she wanted to and could boing the lamp post all she wanted. Lil was pleased as punch!! Then we went for a walk down the hall, to visit the puppy statue that she loves. Lil loves to talk to and pat the little doggie. Next we decided to go take a ride to the Budwieser plant and see the Clydesdale horses. Both Lil and Grampy really enjoyed looking at them, and of course we had to have a photo shoot.
It was a GREAT afternoon! I think everyone had fun!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lil Miss Plaistow

Every year at the beginning of summer, Plaistow has a "fair" on the town green, they have games, contests and tables filled with goodies to buy. Last year we entered Lillian into the Baby contest and to our surprise, she won! So this year she had to go back to defend her title! This year, although the competition was tough, she still won first place! She won a beautiful ribbon and a gift card to Walmart!! Great job Lil!!
To the left is the pic of last years win, to the right is this years pic with the big Miss Plaistow!

Look how much we've grown!

The picture to the left is Ryan and Lil on Rys
first day of Kindergarten. Ryan looked so little, and Lillian was bald as bald can be, and could barely sit up by herself. The picture to the right is Ryan and Lil on the last day of school. Look at the difference!! Lilly has a ton of hair, Ryan has grown a few inches. Bean is now walking too! Just a couple months time, and the differences are amazing!! My goal is to do this for every year, lets hope I remember!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I Love Music!

Lilly got a hold of Ryans Ipod last weekend, it has quickly become her new best friend! This child loves music more than anyone I have ever seen. So when she realized what the ipod was, she was in heaven!! Lillian was rocking out all weekend!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nothing Like it...

So because Dan has been having a bit of overtime I have been spending a lot of time with the kids by myself. Last night it was a tubby night..So Lillian gets in, and is splashing away. She LOVES the new foamy soap. Then Ryan gets in and also LOVES his new foamy soap. So I spray them both with the colored foamy soap. Ryan decides to put his foam on his chin, to make a beard. He looks at Lilly with the blue foamy beard and says "Hellooooo" Lilly looks at him, with a little smirk on her face and says, "HI!" Then they both crack up into the biggest phony laughing fit I have ever heard!! This went on for several minutes. It was SO cute! They are just growing so fast into wonderful little kids. They are best buddies most of the time and fight sometimes. Lilly is coming out with new words all the time. Just yesterday she was angry because Ryan was in her way of the door, and she wanted to get out. She started screaming/crying at him. So I said, "Lillian Grace! say excuse me!!" And she came back with "cuse eeee" Although her words aren't always correct, she is doing a great job trying!! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Little Pool Pics

Could she be??

You think she could be a doctor? She wore the stethescope all day on Saturday! She looks like a natural, don't you think??
Ok, maybe this isn't the right way to use this??

Little White Frog

Dan found this little frog sitting on our porch on Saturday morning. I've never seen a white frog?! We decided that maybe he was a chamelion frog?? Ha ha is there such a thing?? At any rate, he was very cute, and thought he deserved his own blog!!


We had our first s'mores session of the season this weekend. Dan made a fire in the fire bowl, and a cooking we went! Ryan loved toasting the marshmallows, although he was a little hesitant at first. His first taste of a S'more went well, he LOVED it! Although Lillian
did not get to try a whole s'more she did enjoy eating just the graham crackers, as you can see by the face! Please excuse the outifts on the children, as we were ready for bed!! :)

Cold nights at T Ball..

The sunny times at T ball have been far and few between lately. We all have to bundle up to be outside to watch them play, it IS June, isn't it?? Ryan will get his second T ball trophy this Thursday, as the season comes to an end. He has become such a better, more focused player this year. Ry is looking forward to starting up with Pony Ball next year!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Look Alikes..

Can you guess which is Lillian and which is Ryan? :)

Lillians First Ice Cream Cone!

Lillian had her second bout of Strep throat last week. Because she didn't want anything to do with anything that was hard, or warm to eat..we decided to try an ice cream cone. She LOVED it! We put some sherbert in it, and she devoured it!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

A Proud Mommy Moment!

When we first started T ball last year I was very hesitant about Ryan. Not of his skill, because you know he's been practicing, but because of his size. Well, the first day last year, we met up with our team, and the first thing that someone says, "He is too little, he must not be on our team. He can't hit!" I think I was more devastated then Ryan was. I still remember the look on his face at that moment. Then I also remember the look on his team mates faces when he NAILED the first pitch right out into the field (in fact almost hitting the coach who was pitching). That was my proud Mommy moment last year.
Last night, Ryan did it again, proved to me that he is a wonderful little man with a lot drive. He is growing so fast! Ryan was SO concentrated last night. The first ball out into the field last night, Ry was on it, grabbed it and threw it to first base (just like Daddy taught him). Then he was up at bat, hit one with a lot of force out into the field. The next at bat I could see him getting a little discouraged as pitch after pitch they all got by him. I could see the determination in his eyes, but he just couldn't connect with the ball. Finally..the last pitch before having to get the T out..Ryan James NAILED the ball right *out of the park!* (Ok, ok, not really out of the park, but close!) :)
I just was SO proud of him. I thought it may deserve a little blog about it since last blog was all about Lil. Only one game left! I can't wait to see how he does!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sneaky Eyes...

As I sit at the table, doing computer stuff I notice Lillian. She is standing on the couch, looking at me with little sneaky eyes, and a little smile behind her plug. I say to her, "What are you up to?" She does a little giggle and looks at the item she is picking up that is out of my sight, then looks at me with another little giggle. Hmm...suspicious?? So as I stand up to come around the corner to see what she is doing she falls to the couch cushion and covers it up in her lap. LITTLE SNEAK! After some tickling, I finally discovered she was playing with the remote for the tv! She thinks it is hysterical to play with things that she knows she is not supposed to!
These are these moments in life that I hope never go away..the cute little moments that you realize you couldn't possibly love your children any more then you do. It totally makes up for the moments you just want to bury yourself in bed and never come out. And somehow they all just know when you need one of these cute moments, they know when you need your spirit lifted.
So here is to a good day..and hoping that you all have your moment today! Just a little something to make you smile!