Wednesday, March 11, 2009

St. Patricks Day Parade 2009

We went to the St. Pattys Day parade last weekend in Lawrence. Lilly and I went early, to hang out with friends, and Ryan and Dan met us there a little later. Lilly was going strong early in the day, then by the time the parade was starting she was SOUND asleep. Ryan loved going out in front and catching the candy that the people threw. We wore as much green as we could, and had a wonderful time with great friends!!

Fun in the Snow!!

During one of the big snow storms recently I finally got to take the kids outside to play!! It was Lillians first time in the snow, especially since she didn't have any boots!! She LOVED it!! Although she wasn't crazy about the sledding part, Ryan just had so much fun!! We tried to make a snowman, and did a little sledding. Once Lil went inside she was quite angry that everyone else got to stay out..she stood at the door screaming at all of us!! Little Stinker!!