Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Ryan James is officially a first grader!!!! We got up nice and early and drove over to Auntie Ericas to catch the new bus. Ryan is going on the bus with two of the new daycare children, Jacob and Travis. Jacob is in Ryans class with him, so I am hoping they will be best buddies soon! He had a great day! He had gym on the first day, he was also really excited to get hot lunch! We went through the menu and picked all the days that he would be getting lunch. He is just so thrilled to be a big boy now. He even went out with Daddy on Sunday and got a big boy desk to sit at and do his homework. We are looking forward to a wonderful year!!!

My First Game!

I got a call a few weeks before my sister was due to come out. The message that was left was, "I am planning a girls night for when your sister is here. There will be no other details of the evening released, I just need to know if you are in." So I went back and forth with Lisa, Kris's bestie, could I give money? Can I get a hint? Needless to say, I agreed to go. Boy was I glad I did! :)

It was a great night!! Kris and I rushed and dropped the kids off and went back to the beach house. By the time we got there, Lisa was there, waiting, with a limo. The limo was stocked with beer, malternative beverages and snacks. When we got in the limo she announced that we were going to a Sox game!! Lisa had bought us both new Red Sox sweatshirts and had brought enough money to fund the whole night for the three of us!! What a great time! I loved the Fenway vibe, and watching the game. We all had a blast! Once we got home from the game we took a stroll across the street to hang out at the lame Karoke bar. A great time had by all!

A visit with Grampy

When Kris and the girls were here we were sure to go and visit Great Grampy and so they could see his new "house". I think Gramp really enjoyed seeing all the kids together. Although he was full of smiles, he did not go without a nap! :) There are quite a few pics to document the day. The kids loved exploring the outside, and I think Gramp just enjoyed watching them all run around crazy!
Lillian even got to show the girls her favorite little puppy!