Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lillians First Birthday!!

Lillian had her first birthday party this weekend. It was a lot of fun!! The theme of the party was "pink"..and it definately suited her. She was a little pink princess all day and loved it!! Lillian had a great day filled with good food, family and good friends. Thank you to all that attended!

Lilly is just really starting to walk around now. She is confident while holding onto things, but has taken a few wobbly steps on her own too. She is getting SO big, right before our eyes!!

Lillian got a lot of great toys, and beautiful clothes from everyone at her party! She has been dancing since everyone left, with all the great music toys!! She also has quite a few words now a days. She says Mom, Daddy, Ryan, hi, Nanny (we think) and does lots of waving!! What a big girl!!

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