Friday, April 24, 2009

The Color Purple

I have attempted to turn my blog color to purple (although I can't find a real purple in my colors) in memory of a special little girl. Although this little girl is someone that I have never met, she has still touched my heart in many ways. I would like to share her story with you you may just say a quick little prayer for her family, or maybe do a small gesture in her honor. This little girl is named Madeline Spohr. Please take a minute to read her story and see her beautiful smile. She was a little girl with an amazing spirit and zest for life. Here is their blog..
The blog is written by Maddies mother, I started reading back when Mom was pregnant with Maddie. If you are interested please go to the archives and you can start there, learn about Maddie and watch her grow through her parents eyes.
What a beautiful soul that now has her wings.

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