Sunday, April 26, 2009

A How to Guide...By Lillian Freeman

Here is a guide of how to get in trouble when visiting Great Grampy in his new house. I visited him today, and found lots of new ways to get in trouble, er...I mean have fun.
Step One... Turn on the radio for Great Grampy
to listen to, he really likes music.
So don't I. It does make Great Grampy
smile if you put on a little dance show
for him too.

Step Two
PRETEND you are interested
in Grampys walker, and then
grab the plant and try to drop
it, this is also a good time to try
to make a phone call.
Step Three
You CAN sneak out of the room
at any time, and peek into the
other rooms to say hello!

Step Four
This one is my favorite! There is a little cabinet
in Great Grampys new "kitchen" that has almost
nothing in it. This is a GREAT place to hide!
First you take all the soda bottles out and
throw them on the floor. Then climb in and have

And Finally, to make Great Grampy smile,
you have to take him for a walk. Sometimes
you can walk next him when you walk, but sometimes it might be nice to hold on to the special kid size bar on the on the bottom of his walker and help him along.

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