Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The stockings were hung...

This Christmas was a wonderful. We had so much fun just enjoying each other as a family. And it was really Lillys first Christmas that she would enjoy. We hung our homemade Auntie stockings by the chimney with care, put out our cookies and milk and even sprinkled our reindeer food on the lawn. We were READY! Santa seemed to be more prepared this year. He had his elves help with wrapping in advance. Lillians big surprise that was left out was her huge Tigger and Pooh stuffed animals, Ryans was an electric drum set. As soon as they walked in to the playroom where the tree was their eyes just lit up. Ryan immediately ran over and started playing the
drums, and Lil went right up to Pooh and started talking to him. It was great!!
I think Ryans favorite was, of course, all of his Legos that Santa brought. And oddly enough Lils were the Tigger and Pooh tubby toys Santa had brought, along with the bag that her baby's accessories came in. Oh! She also really loves the magnets that came with her Pooh book. Although you are supposed to put the magnets in the magnetized book, she just puts them in her "pocket book" and carries them around. A great day had by all.

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