Monday, December 14, 2009

The Perfectly Imperfect Tree

Every year we have all sorts of plans to go and pick out our own tree and cut it down ourselves. We actually have not been able to get to cut our own yet. Every year we go to a little side of the road tree place, and Dan spends about a half hour picking up trees and holding them up so I can hem and huh at them. I walk around them, poke at them, pull the branches down..they have to be just so. I like the triangle trees..not fat trees, not tall skinny trees, they have to be just right. This year, we felt as though Ryan was old enough to have some input. Although I wasn't ready to relinquish all the picking privledges, Ryan really did pick a nice tree. It is a little flat on one side, and the branches are falling on the other side, but it is perfect for us. Perfect, because Ryan picked it. Next it was time to decorate the tree. When the boxes came out of the basement, both the kids faces lit up. They each picked out their favorite ornament to hang on the tree. Although Lillians favorite had to be moved up to where she couldn't reach it. Lils favorite ornament is my Winnie the Pooh one from 1979. She saw it, and just fell instantly in love! Ryan had two favorite ornaments. Her first favorite is, of course, the pickle. He knows the pickle ornament is special, but I am not sure he knows why. I think this year we may have to start playing the pickle game at home. And his other favorite ornament would be the two racoons talking on Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup can phones. On top of our Christmas tree sits our little angel that Nanny Butler had given to Mom back in the day. Ryan couldn't wait to see it up there! Up next? Our Gingerbread house!

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