Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Plane Ride!

Well, we all survived our first plane ride!! Not my first airplane ride, but Ryan and Lillians. Ryan was excited, but a little nervous to get on the plane. The first picture is a pic of Ryan with OUR airplane. This is the first plane from Boston to Minneapolis. The first plane ride took about two and a half hours...well, it was supposed to be two and a half hours.
After trying to land three different times we finally got off the plane after about three to three and a half hours. We went and had some lunch, only to find out that our second flight was delayed. We were supposed to take off about 3:30pm. I think we finally ended up taking off about 6pm. It was a LONG ride..but well worth it!!
We finally landed in Souix City and got our luggage, then started our two hour trek to Kik's house. At about 9:30pm we FINALLY arrived at Camp Foster!! It was SOO great to see Kris, and Libby even got up to join the party!! After our VERY long day, we were off to bed shortly after getting there. Needless to say, Ryan LOVED flying and for Lilly, well, it was VERY exciting for her too. She would stand up and jump up and down yelling and laughing during take off, touch down and any turbulance. It was SO funny!!

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