Friday, January 16, 2009

Lillian is 9 months old!!

Lilly had her nine month check up the other day and she is doing great!!! Lillian weighed in at 20.75 pounds and 27 inches. She is in the 77% for her weight and 24% for her height. They told me she was growing wonderfully and starting to slim down, I am sure because she is so mobile now. Although she is not walking on her own yet she is doing lots of furniture walking. She is SO close. She is growing into her little personality, and starting to get a little fresh :) She is starting to learn the word NO, although not very quickly! Lil is so different then Ryan was. She is into EVERYTHING!!! And she is putting everything in her mouth!! Lillian is working on getting her fourth tooth too!! Wow she is just growing SO fast!! She looks up to her big brother, and they play together so nicely! Ryan is getting so patient with her, he is getting so old too!!

We hope that you all are staying warm during the FREEZING cold season!! I will update again more later!!


Ashley said...

Hey guys! I have been chekcing your blog every so often, but I just saw that I could leave comments! LOL! Lillian is sooooo cute and I love her big blue eyes. Ryan is just getting so big and looks like a great big brother. Give the kids a hug and kiss for me!

Love you guys!
Ashley =}

Kristina said...

Yay Lilly! What a big girl! I can't wait for Libby's 12 month check up on the 2nd, so we can find out who is bigger! :) I miss you all so much, and I wish you could have stayed longer when you visited!