Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just like Nanny..

When Grampy's house was cleaned out recently we all wanted to have something to remember Nanny and Grampy by. I decided to take a very small, goldish color carousel horse music box for Lillian, so that she would have a piece. This is something that I always remembered about Nanny. She loved the carousel and never passed up a chance to get on one. I can picture her little legs kicking out to the sides as she went up and down on the horses. (All too vivid from our Disney World video.) Well, Lil loved listening to that music box every time she was on her changing table. So when no one claimed this carousel (in the picture) I scooped it up for her. We have not yet found the perfect spot for it, so for right now it sits on her toy box in her bedroom. Lillian just adores it! She would play with it for hours if you let her. I have a hard time letting her really PLAY with it though, because this was always the one piece that we could not touch and play with. Eventually we will find the perfect spot for it, and eventually Lillian will learn where the beautiful carousel came from..

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